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Pure & Wild western australian honey

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Bee Bee Natural | Bee Image
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"In West Australia, one of the last few remaining pesticide-free places on Earth, I produce honey in small batches - between 1,000 to 1,600 bottles a year.

Together with my buzzing friends, we want you to enjoy honey as nature intended and have worked hard to keep it that way."

Chris C. & his bees

récolte rare

Bee Bee Natural | Jarrah Honey Jar

how your honey is made

It takes 36 weeks, 7 maybe 8 bee stings, the occasional chase by a random farmer's crazy dog and absolutely no shortcuts to quality to make a honey season.

Bee Bee Natural | Offloading Boxes of Bee Swarms

Bringing the bees to the flowers

Often known as “chasing the flowers”, one man (me) would load his hives onto a trailer to a pre-scouted locale with flowering trees.

I'll leave the bees to work for a few weeks before returning to harvest the first batch of honey.


Oh Honey honey

A few puffs of smoke help calm the bees while I harvest honey from the matured frames.

Some are stubborn so I'll gently sweep those away.

Bee Bee Natural | A Man Harvesting Honey From A Bee Tray
Bee Bee Natural | A Man Holding A Bee Tray

Harvesting some & saving some

A honey frame is always left for the bees while surplus boxes are harvested.

Leaving bees with enough food is important; I don't feed my bees with sugar syrup which weakens them and downgrades their nectar collection, leading to poorer quality honey.

Bee Bee Natural | A Man Extracting Honey From A Bee Tray In The Traditional Way

Being careful with nature's hard work

Extracting honey the traditional way preserves natural goodness: The top layer of wax and impurities is laboriously scraped off before setting them into the centrifuge to spin your honey out.


Cold-pressed & slow dripped

After extraction, your honey is filtered through a coarse strainer. The result? Cold-pressed nutritional-preserved honey.

Some process honey with high heat and fine filtering - while this keeps their honey in a liquid state longer and is easier to bottle, much of the honey's nutritional qualities are ruined.

Bee Bee Natural | A Man Filtering Honey Through A Coarse Strainer.
Bee Bee Natural | Jarrah Honey Jar

Honest & Pure goodness in a bottle

Every jar of honey is full of its original qualities, nourishments and intense taste that I absolutely take pride in providing.

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Stung 217 times & still loving it!

It was 2015 and in a moment of madness, I bought 2 beehives and kept them in my backyard.

Today, i'm still fascinated by my lovely bees and have since learned to raise my own queen bees. My wife still keeps the first jar of honey we harvested.

Bee Bee Natural | A Man Holding a Bee Tray
Bee Bee Natural | Some Old Working Tools For Beekeeping

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